A recent, original and unexpected artistic work by Olivier Föllmi

In the Himalayas where he laid down the foundations of his photographic vision 40 years earlier, Olivier Föllmi was deeply touched by human fragility faced with the might of nature and the symbolic humility of the characters in his photographs that, over the years, have become his brand image.

This is a selection of photographs that presents the recent, original and unexpected artistic work by Olivier Föllmi, who now steps away from his usual role of humanist and traveller photographer. We find in this work a renewed creativity thanks to the multiple functions offered by the Olympus equipment that has sharpened his eye and for which he was appointed brand ambassador in 2015. This new highly aesthetic work is henceforth mainly intended for art galleries.

The works on this page are available in the 60 x 80 cm and 80 x 120 cm formats.
They are signed, numbered, limited to 30 copies for all formats and printing processes, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

The finish we offer uses the Subligraphie® process and does not include a frame. However, other printing processes, frames and formats are possible. Contact us at : photo@olivier-follmi.net

La Subligraphie® is a technology ensuring very high quality image reproduction on hard materials primed with a polyester varnish. An image sublimation process is used for printing. The ink is permanently fixed in the aluminium by condensation, making it scratch and UV resistant and unaltered by exposure to fire. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.   

The visual impact of the images “sublimated” on aluminium plates against a glossy white background is simply stunning !   

People contemplating a Subligraphie® feel an emotion that is quite unique in the art production world. Subligraphie® as a concept makes it possible to produce unique works or works in limited series, while benefiting from a label regulated by stringent technical and ethical directives.

Subligraphie® thus bestows a guaranteed undeniable artistic value on the work of art produced !

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