Cibachromes prints

A selection of Olivier Föllmi’s emblematic photographs printed by Roland Dufau using the Cibachrome process…

A unique and magical process, allowing slides to be enlarged on paper. A paper that is extra glossy, metallic, with a thousand reflections, bright colours and deep blacks. The purity of the dyes, their resistance to light, the saturation of colours and the extreme definition of their restitution make this technique a guarantee of quality.
Roland Dufau, the “sculptor of light”, is considered by leading photographers to be one of the greatest printers in Europe, In his tiny workshop in the Quarter Latin, Paris, Roland Dufau is one of the last Cibachrome printers in France.

Each photo print is unit-printed, checked and signed by the photographer, with the dry stamp of the Roland Dufau workshop. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, on which Olivier Föllmi’s signature is affixed by a dry stamp.

In a spirit of friendship, Roland Dufau dedicated to Olivier Föllmi his last cibachrome paper rolls allowing him to print his emblematic film photographs of the Himalayas, thus making these precious prints the last witnesses of a bygone photographic era.

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